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támogatott portálok

YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, VK, Metacafe, AOL, RedTube, XVideos és Pornhub


A mi file editor lehet vágni a kívánt hosszúságú tőled, és / vagy add ID3 metaadatokat az audio fájlokat a fájl.

Cloud támogatás

Tárolja a fájlokat közvetlenül a Dropbox vagy onedrive felhő, így van ez itt az összes eszköz és mindig.

Cross Platform

Minden mobiltelefonok és a mobil eszközök OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, a Windows Phone és az Android támogatja.

bármikor és mindenhol

Megtérít a video bármikor, bármilyen modern eszközön internetkapcsolat.



A legfontosabb válaszok első pillantásra!

Hogyan lehet átalakítani a videót?

Négy lépésben a fájlt.
Videó-URL másolása

Keressen egy videót a YouTube-on, vagy más számunkra támogatott oldal, másolja a videó URL-jét, és illessze be a hivatkozást az átalakító doboz.

Válasszon formátumot

Válassza ki a kívánt formátumot.


befejeződött kattintással Convert és várjon egy pillanatot, amíg a konverziós folyamat!


Hívd meg konvertált fájlt az eszköz le, vagy mentse el. Közvetlenül a Dropbox vagy OneDrive felhő

Meddig lehet egy videót?

A videó nem lehet hosszabb, mint 300 perc.

Audio fájlok korlátlan.

Easy Tutorial Step-by-Step Youtube to mp3 for Apple Iphone to use it offline writen by Youtube to mp3 Master.

That mega fast Tutorial is dedicated to YouTube Mp3 for your Appel iPhone.

This quick 14 Step Tutorial works simpel and is very easy to follow in this Youtube mp3 tutorial


1. Step

For iOS iPhone please download the  App "dropbox" from iTunes app store Click HERE or search for it on the  Apple App Store. Please create an Dropbox account, which is free of charge, with an included 2 GB free space.


2. Step

Please download the App "jukebox" from iTunes App Store Click HERE or search for it in the apple iTunes Store.


3. Step

Write on the second search form funny baby or cats for example.

free youtube converter

4. Step

Push the search button.

best youtube converter

5. Step

After that you will see, "watch" means watch video live with use of your mobile or home broadband, so you need internet for this, than you will see "download mp3", this means you can convert the video into an audio file. The last option which you will see is "download mp3", which means you can convert the internet video, into an iPhone friendly video format. you can look at this picture to clarify this.


6. Step

After we have choose which format we would like to have on our apple iPhone,  we now send the file to "dropbox" app, which will be done automatically after we push the button.


7. Step

After you pushed the Save to "dropbox" app button, there will pop up an new window, with the option to login in to dropbox, it is smart if you save for any time use by clicking the small box on the left side of the login form, you can see this on this picture.

download youtube mp3

8. Step

As you see on this picture, please push the save button so the video or audio file will be saved to "dropbox" app.


9. Step

Pleas open now the "jukebox" app and klick in the middle of the the app "Import from Dropbox".

youtube to mp3

10. Step

No you need to login in to your "dropbox" app to allow "jukebox" app to connect with "dropbox" app.

youtube mp3

11. Step

Pleas allow "jukebox" app the access to the "dropbox" app, as described on the picture.

youtube mp3 converter

12. Step

Than please push the button continue on the "jukebox app", you can see it on the picture.


13. Step

Please push button Download all, for now all Files will be downloaded to the "jukebox" app for offline use.




14. Step

After first set up, step 1-4 can be executed as often as you want, so we add more files to import it back to "jukebox" app, simply click on settings than menu item from dropbox to load the files back to the iphone Just like we did it before.

Plugin beszerzése

Eredj a böngésző plugin!

Plugin mert Chrome & Firefox

Ez a plugin egy könyvjelző. A könyvjelző egy kis program, amely tárolja a böngésző könyvjelző, és ez rendszerint egy gombra kattintva a kedvencek / könyvjelzők eszköztár a böngésző. Ha nem ismeri a könyvjelző, akkor megtalálja a megfelelő dokumentációt a Firefox browser.

A telepítéshez a könyvjelző, húzza ezt a szöveget a linket a böngésző könyvjelzőit / kedvencek eszköztár: Convert Video!

Ahhoz, hogy a könyvjelző, Navigálni a YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, VK, SoundCloud, Instagram, AOL, RedTube, Xvideos vagy Pornhub video / audio oldalon kattintson a könyvjelző a böngésző könyvjelzőit / kedvencek eszköztár megnyitásához a plug-in, válasszon fájlformátumot , majd kattintson a "Go!" gombot. Egy új lap ablak nyílik meg a böngésző, és video / audio automatikusan konvertálja a honlapunkon!

Youtube Converter von frank-meinhart

Youtube Converter Exposed

Youtube Converter the Ultimate Trick

YouTube Converter is a very big video sharing site. YouTube provides a genuine and robust platform for companies to explore existing along with new markets. YouTube is among the most popular site on the internet which make it possible for you to watch and upload videos at no cost. In the event you decide to convert YouTube to mp3, the very first thing will come into your head is how it'll be done.

Sometimes it is quite tough to download videos, until you find yourself with a fantastic application. It will end up very difficult for you to download video, without a superior downloading application. Open up Youtube and visit the video you want to download. Then visit the Media, and pick the quality of video which you want to download. You may watch youtube videos, but can't download without the right downloader. Watching YouTube video is getting an indispensable portion of our internet life. The videos which are available on YouTube are those which were shared by users withyoutube converter Try it Yourself »

Video Branding Some folks might try to utilize your video clip to market their content and media, and you might not gain away from their acts. You can see the videos with a fundamental pair of 3D glasses. If you want to edit videos, Mac movie converter is going to be a wonderful assistant. If you prefer to create time-lapse videos, then utilize Lapse It Pro. It is possible to find these potent subliminal message videos offered for download on my blog.

The Basics of Youtube Converter

The procedure for creating them is quite simple too. This application is totally compatible with your Mac operating system, so it isn't going to disturb you when it comes to operating system compatibility. You won't find many applications, that should be compatible with the Mac operating system.

The internet browser Safari can be served as a Safari YouTube downloader, which delivers a simple approach to download nearly every video on YTB in addition to other internet. If you're like many individuals, you are unable to imagine the internet without YouTube. Such sites enable you to download even multiple videos at the same go. It is among the most well-known sites ever for video lovers to watch, share in addition to upload videos anywhere on the planet. It's also advisable to close websites and applications that you're not using if you are aware that they use data. Select a site you're feeling comfortable about. Before you begin downloading from a number of the iPod video downloads sites, make sure you check if there's any copyright infringement.

When looking for video converter software, utilize a complimentary trial edition to check the program first. In spite of the fact that video email promotion is a multi-billion dollar business, it's still a virtually untapped resource in the internet business world. It is the next big wave for Internet marketers. Among the very best video editing computer software businesses in the planet, Lightworks video editors are used for classic movies like Raging Bull'' and Pulp Fiction.'' To access it you should enter the es file manager. It will turn you into a fantastic video producer.

You require a reliable platform, which ought to facilitate you with trusted applications. It also includes a JKL editing tool which makes it feasible to trim and scrub footage simultaneously. Software are undoubtedly the simplest way to download anything on the Internet. This software isn't entirely free, since if you want excellent input or output support then you are going to should purchase the codec pack. With an ordinary laptop, everyone can download simple software off the web to see everything which goes into and from a computer on an identical network. The way to Use the Program Upon purchasing the software, it can be set up on computers. For home movie makers who want to make something special, it's always wonderful to gain access to a program which has a Hollywood pedigree.

Top Choices of Youtube Converter

At any time you do anything online you're using data. The data used to describe them has to be processed by a highly effective machine, i.e. the computer has to be potent enough to do the essential calculations for forming the last image. This downloader will not permit you to wait quite a long time for downloading youtube videos. Downloads could be stopped, because of uncertain failures. You are able to check the download utilizing the ES file manager.Now that you've installed Dolphin it's possible to get Flash which will enhance your browsing experience. Now to make your absolutely free eBook profitable, you wish to allow it to be viral. There are a number of free lessons about how to promote YouTube videos you may use to find out more.

youtube converter


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